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Cryptophis nigrescens

Eastern Small-eyed Snake


Eastern Small-eyed Snake is one of six species of small-eyed snakes found in southern and eastern Australia, and southern New Guinea. It has a glossy dark grey to black back. The belly is commonly pink with a line of dark grey spots, but can be cream with grey blotches. This species may grow to 1 metre. 

Eastern Small-eyed Snake lives in rainforests, wet and dry eucalypt forests and heaths, agricultural and grazing lands. It is active by night and shelters beneath rocks, logs and the bark of fallen trees during the day. It is a dangerously venomous snake and has been responsible for one human death. It may be mistaken for a Red-bellied Black Snake.

Distribution: Scattered records. One record in ACT and one at Captains Flat.

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Cryptophis nigrescens (Eastern Small-eyed Snake) at Oallen, NSW - 1 Dec 1975 by wombey
Cryptophis nigrescens (Eastern Small-eyed Snake) at Oallen, NSW - 1 Dec 1975 by wombey


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Species information

  • Cryptophis nigrescens Scientific name
  • Eastern Small-eyed Snake Common name
  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive
  • Synonyms

    Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens

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