Eucalyptus aggregata

3 Black Gum at Kowen, ACT

Eucalyptus aggregata at Kowen, ACT - 8 Jul 2024
Eucalyptus aggregata at Kowen, ACT - 8 Jul 2024
Eucalyptus aggregata at Kowen, ACT - 8 Jul 2024
Eucalyptus aggregata at Kowen, ACT - 8 Jul 2024
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Eucalyptus aggregata 8 Jul 2024 Steve818
Eucalyptus bridgesiana 8 Jul 2024 CarbonAI
Eucalyptus aggregata 8 Jul 2024 Steve818

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Steve818 noted:

8 Jul 2024

Very rare species - threatened

User's notes

5 saplings nearby as well.


Steve818 wrote:
   8 Jul 2024
Some patchy branch death on this solitary old black gum at Kowen, but it does seem to have recovered well from the 2018-19 drought. There are some saplings too. The Parks and Biosecurity Rangers are managing this high conservation site very carefully: Serrated tussock (spot sprayed) and blackberry (manual removal only as too risky to spray herbicide near the black gums) are controlled to reduce competition. Grazing is being reviewed to ensure the best regime for the recruitment of more black gums. The other black gums are nearby: Eucalyptus aggregata (Black Gum)
   9 Jul 2024
Thanks, have wanted to see the species of eucalyptus for awhile, might stop and have a look next time I'm driving past.
Steve818 wrote:
   9 Jul 2024
RogerF wrote:
   11 Jul 2024
Glad to read these Black Gums are being looked after. I last checked them when compiling the NPA booklet on the Trees of the ACT
Steve818 wrote:
   12 Jul 2024
Yes @RogerF and @MatthewFrawley the new generation of Rangers are very skilled and dedicated. They apply evidence based management. And they really appreciate the access to the expertise of moderators on NatureMapr. Gives me confidence for the future management of such high conservation value sites.
RogerF wrote:
   12 Jul 2024
I am working with Rangers on Keyacris management and totally endorse your comments about their dedication

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