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Lookout for Fireweed - flowering now

 6 Jul 2022

The yellow daisy of Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis)  is flowering now. So please keep an eye out for this weed that threatens to break out in teh Canberra Area. The 'daisy-like' flower-heads (15-20 mm across) have 12-15 yellow 'petals' (i.e. ray florets) that are 6-14 mm long. They have a yellow centre made up of numerous tiny flowers (i.e. tubular or disc florets) and are surrounded by about twenty (19-21) greenish bracts (4-5 mm long). These flower-heads (i.e. capitula) are loosely clustered at the tips of the branches.

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   7 Jul 2022
see the latest two significant sightings for photos (also recently shared on our facebook and twitter accounts):

Senecio madagascariensis (Fireweed)

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