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Good News re Bridal Creeper

 11 Nov 2020

Bridal Creeper a weed of national significance was first recorded on Mt Ainslie in 2017. A further twenty sightings of usually isolated plants were made across Mt Ainslie, Mt Majura and Mt Pleasant. A recent check of all locations found no live plants. While it is too early to say we have had a successful eradication, the reports you put in while it was in the early stage of establishment has certainly enabled us to get on top of this species while we were still able to to. Thank you a magnificent conservation outcome. Your sightings from within the nearby resdiental area have also enabled the PCS team to tackle the source of the problem. Please keep the vigilance up. Well done all


Parks818 wrote:
   11 Nov 2020
This shows how Citizen Science - CBR Nature Map is a key part of threat abatement.
tpreston wrote:
   12 Nov 2020
Congratulations to the CNM team, contributors, and to the volunteers removing the weeds.
Its always very satisfying to hear real world outcomes from this great website.
SRoss wrote:
   21 Nov 2020
I found a couple in Bass Gardens today. Very small. Looking very yellow, no seeds. I'll remove them tomorrow. thanks to MM for first identifying it for me.

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