Unidentified at Suppressed - 16 Nov 2017

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Unidentified 23 Nov 2017 Mike2.2K

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BettyDonWood819 wrote:
   24 Nov 2017
I am fairly sure this is in the family Lamiaceae, but cannot key it to anything sensible. I also tried Plantaginaceae, the family which now includes a lot of what used to be in Scrophulariacea. No good either. I suspect someone needs to have a specimen in hand to get an ID.
Varanus wrote:
   24 Nov 2017
Photo orientation may be upside down - possibly white Ajuga?
Mike2.2K wrote:
   24 Nov 2017
Prostrate plant so orientation is a matter of what side of the plant I was on. Flowers were very small, probably a couple of mm.
BettyDonWood819 wrote:
   24 Nov 2017
It might be an aberrant form of Scutellaria mollis, which Vicflora says is trailing rather than prostrate. it is the only Lamiaceae in my draft key to plants of SE NSW with white flowers that small (Plantnet says about 10 mm long). Scutellaria has a peculiar calyx, with a fold protruding from the upper lip.
MichaelMulvaney1.1K wrote:
   24 Nov 2017
Mike I think this is one to collect and take to Dave Albrecht at the Herbarium for ID - it has me stumped

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  • 1 - 3 Abundance
  • 16 Nov 2017 Recorded on
  • Mike Recorded by
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