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michaelb michaelb5.6K

CNM administration, nature artist and active member of Friends of Grasslands.

Millipede (Diplopoda)Old Tuggeranong TSRPine Island to Point HutPoint Hut to TharwaRob Roy RangeTuggeranong Hill
5639 sightings
Mike Mike2.2K

Coordinator, Isaacs Ridge - Mount Mugga Mugga ParkCare Group

Isaacs RidgeIsaacs Ridge offset areaIsaacs, ACTMount Mugga Mugga
2239 sightings
AaronClausen AaronClausen2.1K

Founder of CNM and NatureMapr.

2089 sightings
Alison Milton Alison Milton1.6K

Beetle (Coleoptera)
1563 sightings
RyuCallaway RyuCallaway1.5K

Active contributor: ebird, COG, CNM, Frogwatch, CIMAG, & more...

Pigeon / DoveWater birdNocturnal BirdParrotOther BirdsBird of preyCuckoo
1470 sightings
Dusty Dusty1.5K

1451 sightings
galah681 galah6811.4K

Co-editor, World of Tidbinbilla and member Friends of Tidbinbilla

National Arboretum WoodlandSth Tablelands Ecosystem Park
1390 sightings
KenT KenT1.4K

Other ShrubFungusClimber / MistletoeOther TreePeaDaisyLily & IrisOther WildflowerWattleGum Tree
1378 sightings
MichaelMulvaney MichaelMulvaney1.1K

ACT Government Representative

Callum BraeOakey HillRed Hill Nature Reserve
1121 sightings
JohnBundock JohnBundock1.1K

1106 sightings
CathB CathB1K

1041 sightings
HarveyPerkins HarveyPerkins1K

Dragonfly & Damselfly (Odonata)
1015 sightings
RodDeb RodDeb987

987 sightings
MatthewFrawley MatthewFrawley763

With COG, FoG, Mt Taylor ParkCare Group & Save the Murrumbidgee River Corridor

Butterfly (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera)
763 sightings
BettyDonWood BettyDonWood757

Author of local field guides

Other ShrubRush / SedgeClimber / MistletoeOther TreePeaDaisyLily & IrisOther WildflowerWattleGum Tree
757 sightings
roymcd roymcd720

Dragonfly & Damselfly (Odonata)
720 sightings
Christine Christine697

697 sightings
Browser Browser494

Member Friends of Grasslands

Hall CemeteryNational Arboretum WoodlandSth Tablelands Ecosystem Park
494 sightings
ibaird ibaird482

Member Canberra Ornithologists Group, Birdlife Australia, Ecologists Society of Australia.

Moth (Lepidoptera)
482 sightings
JasonC JasonC437

437 sightings
SilkeSma SilkeSma429

Landcarer, Mt Ainslie Weeders

Mount Ainslie
429 sightings
waltraud waltraud396

Friends of Mount Majura

Majura, ACTMount Majura
396 sightings
CedricBear CedricBear376

376 sightings
Illilanga Illilanga360

360 sightings
MattM MattM345

Ecologist wannabe

345 sightings
SWishart SWishart333

333 sightings
Wandiyali Wandiyali324

Wandiyali-Environa Conservation Area
324 sightings
ruthkerruish ruthkerruish318

Hughes Garran Woodland
318 sightings
petersan petersan303

Mount Majura
303 sightings
RichardMilner RichardMilner296

Ecologist - ACT Government

KamaLower MolongloMolonglo River Park
296 sightings
catherine.gilbert catherine.gilbert266

266 sightings
KMcCue KMcCue260

260 sightings
gavinlongmuir gavinlongmuir252

An interested local.

252 sightings
SteveC SteveC247

247 sightings
GeoffRobertson GeoffRobertson235

Active committee member of ACTHA, FoG and more

SnakeTurtleSkinkFrogDragonLegless LizardMonitor/GeckoNative FishExotic FishCooma, NSWNgunnawal, ACTNimmitabel, NSWPolo Flat, NSWTarengo Reserve (Boorowa)
235 sightings
DerekC DerekC230

230 sightings
RWPurdie RWPurdie223

Honorary Associate of the Australian National Herbarium

Acton, ACTANBGANBG South AnnexAranda BushlandBlack MountainBruce RidgeGossan HillO'Connor, ACT
223 sightings
Qwerty Qwerty207

207 sightings
yellowboxwoodland yellowboxwoodland199

199 sightings
JackieMiles JackieMiles188

188 sightings
SallyandPeter SallyandPeter179

179 sightings
jbromilow50 jbromilow50169

169 sightings
gregbaines gregbaines166

Namadgi National Park
166 sightings
Ryl Ryl161

161 sightings
plantalicer plantalicer160

National Arboretum WoodlandSth Tablelands Ecosystem Park
160 sightings
Speedsta Speedsta156

156 sightings
PeteWoodall PeteWoodall151

151 sightings
WalterEgo WalterEgo141

141 sightings
wombey wombey129

SnakeTurtleSkinkFrogDragonLegless LizardMonitor/Gecko
129 sightings
Tammy Tammy126

126 sightings

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